Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Preachers Son

There is always a bad boy. I have one, two, probably three of them, at least. But this one is different. It was the summer and somehow my family had been MIA ninety percent of the time. To this day, I still wonder where they were. I remember being home alone for weeks at a time and enjoying not having a curfew. Which I took full advantage of.  Summer time was in session, and I was on my partying streak. I had been left a bottle of Vox Vodka to use and dispose of before the return of the parentals. I am not sure what is worse, Vox Vodka or vodka that comes in a plastic bottle. Or mixing the vodka with vitamin water. To this day, I have not been able to consume either of these items. All due to the fact of what happened that one summa night...
 David was the son of our Priest for our church. There had always been sparks between us, private make out sessions. Late night sneak outs and the occasional hand holding. It would be easy to say, we were the best kept secret in high school.That one special night, David came over to take full advantage of an empty house and me. We started off with drinking, kissing, then ended up skinny dipping in the pool. Already, I had not anticipated the events that had taken place. But nothing had prepared me for what was to come next. 

ME: What do you wanna do?
ME: Really, what do you wanna do?
ME: Do you have a condom?

I went to church every Sunday, swore on everything I would save myself till marriage, and in one night and conversation that lasted no more then 30 seconds I was willing to give everything up. 
We both had pretty much sobered up at this point, being so scared to death about what was to come, that not only was I not turned on, but to scared to say no. So we both went for it.. IF SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TOLD ME HOW MUCH PAIN SEX WAS, I WOULD STILL BE A VIRGIN. The pain alone should be enough birth control for girls to keep their legs shut. Worst part about this is, is he didn't even go all the way in. So I took this as if we hadn't both lost our virginity's (I was in denial and would tell myself anything to just make myself feel better for giving it up, I kept this lie up to myself all the way past my second love. I don't think he even knows that he wasn't "technically" my first. (Lying to myself is a real gift, I am really convincing)). Instead of focusing on the fact, that he didn't go all the way in, but also how awful it was. I kept thinking to myself "Why do people even enjoy this?" "So much work and for nothing!" ( I hadn't experienced true joy yet, or what most would call an Orgasm).
Like most girls after a life changing moment, I of course had to call my best friend, and her response was "noooo, you were the only one left". (See all of my friends and I had been raised in the same church with the same standards. I just was the only who really followed them. Well until I met them, and had my heart ripped open and stepped on).  I barely remember this conversation. Due to complete and utter shock that I had taken the Preacher's sons Virginity. There was my one way ticket to hell. 

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